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(We’re located near I-270 and Page Avenue, near Westport Plaza)

For a short time, we’re offering you
the opportunity to try the P3 Method
for 28 days with a friend or partner
but only pay the price of one.

(Only 10 offers available.)


Complete the trial with the person
who inspires you to be your absolute best!

Orientation: April 18 at 6:30 pm
Program Dates: Monday, April 23rd to Monday, May 21st

At Pursuit Fitness and Performance, we give you the exact exercise  blueprint to follow based solely on your body type and fitness level, and the personal support you need to actually follow it so that you can lose inches and pounds, regain your confidence and feel proud and happy.

After years of training adults, we’ve pefected the P3 Method. It’s proven to work, even for people who have tried popular diet and exercise programs, joined other gyms or taken other fitness classes. It’s especially effective for people aged 45 years and up.

 This is for you if…

✅ You want to maximize your time and effort and finally stop guessing when it comes to fitness…

✅ You want to find a training program that’s exciting and offers variety

✅ You actually want to look forward to training

✅ You want to drop body fat

✅ You want to add lean, toned muscle to your body…

✅ You want to improve your health

✅ You want a program that is proven to work

✅ You can dedicate 60 minutes, at least 3 times a week to exercise at Pursuit Fitness and Performance…

✅ You are willing to be held accountable and to be supportively coached

✅ You are willing to be part of a close and like-minded community of people who are all looking to better their health and fitness and transform their life!


This special offer will give you and your friend or partner all the tools you need
to get the results you deserve, including…

✅ FREE Functional Movement Screen to assess your fitness level ($150 value)

✅ unlimited group training sessions with our trainers at our gym in Maryland Heights for 2 people ($398 value)

✅ The opportunity to become part of a community of like-minded people and trainers who are committed to your success (priceless!)

✅ You will also have the opportunity to purchase Pursuit Prepared Meals from Sarah’s Home Cooking. These are fresh, pre-made, nutrition-packed meals with the perfect combination of macro-nutrients to boost your metabolism. Pre-order and pick them up while you’re at the gym. Meals start at $7.99.

The Challenge is just $299 total for both of you.  That’s just $149.50 each.

We pack our program with value because we believe in investing in our members 100% from Day One. We want to make sure you get results as quickly as possible and experience all that we offer here at Pursuit. That means giving you access to our group fitness classes, our amazing trainers from the very start.

P.S. This is a limited time offer. We open the gym to a limited number of people each month. Once we have reached this number, we’ll place you on a waiting list until more spaces open up.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that our membership at Pursuit Fitness and Performance will give you the results that you deserve, we give everyone a 30-day 100% money back guarantee.

Simply put, if you come to at least 3 classes per week in your first 30 days at Pursuit and you aren’t happy with the results that you get, we will give you your full monthly fee for back, no questions asked.

We’re looking for people to join our community who are committed and willing to follow a proven system.

Our members are here to get fitter, to stay motivated and to constantly improve. Sure, they want to look better. But their real motivation is to  safeguard their quality of life and have a boundless future.

If you’re ready to take a systematic approach to your fitness, stay accountable and focus on your well-being one habit at a time, Pursuit is the PERFECT place for you.

We take away the guesswork and give you a blueprint that you can follow. Here you can commit your time with the confidence that you’ll get the results you want. And then you’ll feel proud and happy when your new habits pays off.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to try us out for 28-days and get fit with someone you care about.

(P.S. – If you’d rather try us out on your own, click the link and let us know. We have programs for individuals as well.)

Our training schedule gives you lots of flexibility so you can pick the times and days that best fit your schedule.

Here are just a few of our members’ stories:


 Though Kathy Farmer has never considered herself much of an athlete, she’s always enjoyed exercise. When she joined Pursuit Fitness and Performance (PFP) in the Spring of 2016, she was not worried about showing up to her workouts. She’d heard from a friend that the workouts at PFP were fun and typically went by very quickly. Exercise, though an important part of the equation, was not what Kathy needed to master in order to lose and keep off any excess weight. Kathy needed to learn about nutrition.

Kathy had tried Weight Watchers and dieting on her own in the past. Though she lost weight, she’d never been able to keep it off. When she joined PFP she quickly signed up for the gym’s “Balanced Habits Kick Start” program, followed by the “Balanced Habits Life” program. “With this plan I’m eating often and eating the right, healthy kinds of foods and the right portions,” Kathy says. “It allows me to have indulgences with food and not feel guilty about it. I love chocolate and I can’t give it up, but I know how to eat it now and not to eat a bunch of it.”

Armed with this new knowledge about nutrition and how to fuel herself with the right foods and portions, Kathy went to her workouts motivated and ready to see results. She began working out three times a week with the evening Group Training class at PFP. Her trainers, Anna and Katie, pushed her to achieve her goals. “They encourage me along the way to keep going and keep working hard,” Kathy says. “They encourage me to do things that I don’t think I can do or lift a weight that I don’t think I can lift. They always believe in me even when I don’t think I’ll be successful.”

With Anna and Katie’s (our coaches) encouragement, Kathy lost around 50 pounds and, more importantly, has kept it off. “I’m definitely stronger and I have increased my mental and physical fitness,” Kathy says. “The majority of (the weight loss) is because of the Balanced Habits program. I’ve seen huge changes.”


David Goldfarb joined Pursuit Fitness and Performance as part of a Transformation Contest. 

He wasn’t overweight, and the contest only ran for six weeks, so he figured it would be a fairly easy feat. He only had to go to the gym 18 times, after all. It seemed reasonable.

Six weeks went by, and David couldn’t believe how much progress he made in only 18 sessions at PFP.

“I’m very results driven,” David says. So, he kept coming back. Now, two years later, PFP is a part of his life. “When I first started I would count down…1 down, 17 to go…but now it’s routine and I look forward to going.”

David is a CPA who is lucky to work at Westport Plaza, right across the street from PFP. But it’s not just the location that makes him love it there. It’s also the atmosphere.

“Love is not something I ever thought I’d say about a gym. I don’t mind exercise, but I never did say that I love it. But I enjoy working out (at PFP). Especially the people. There are really great people there. The trainers and staff are great. They get results without breaking people down.”

David finds the PFP atmosphere to be both encouraging and motivating. During his busy season, he struggles to find the time to fit workouts in. But his trainers and friends at PFP keep him coming back. “Once you have the knowledge, you can do a lot of it on your own, but the (trainers) are the motivation factor and the accountability. I’d never get through busy season without that,” David says.

His trainers are not only helping him to stick to his workouts, but to also make important changes outside of the gym. David’s biggest challenge has always been nutrition. “I do have a big sweet tooth,” David says. “I’m a chocoholic.”

So, how does he manage his affinity for sugar with his fitness goals?

“I don’t deprive myself,” David says. “Sometimes you have to eat out, but you just don’t make it a lifestyle. I don’t diet, that’s key. People diet to lose weight and you can’t sustain that, it’s a short term thing.”

David’s goal is to increase his stamina so that he is able to run an entire 5k without walking. In the meantime, while he works towards this aspiration, David is having fun. He enjoys the social, community aspect of PFP.

“I’m getting to know people,” David says. “And they are very encouraging, everyone is nice. It’s not one of those muscle head type of gyms at all.”

David enjoys participating in PFP’s community outreach programs and get to togethers outside of the gym. But make no mistake, despite new found friendships, David is a hard worker, and when he shows up at PFP, he means business.

“I never could workout with friends without this structure—-we’d always wind up chatting the entire time. But here it’s a social atmosphere, yet they keep you on track. It’s social and physical.”

As David prepares to head into another busy season as a CPA, he doesn’t need to stress about staying in shape. He knows that the community of trainers and friends he has found at PFP will always be there to keep him on track .


Six years ago, Billie Jean Diekamp had to help her mother move into a nursing home. Her mom did not have the same mobility she did when she was younger, and she just could not take care of herself anymore. That was a lightbulb moment for Billie Jean.

She decided that she never wanted that to happen to her. Her two adult daughters had planned a meeting with Pursuit Fitness and Performance owner, Ryan Morgan, and encouraged her to come along. Billie Jean was worried that she wouldn’t fit in at Pursuit. She had problems with one of her knees, and was unsure if she could keep up with the exercises. Once she met Ryan, though, she was convinced that she could start at a level she was comfortable with, and gradually progress through the program.

“I felt confident,” Billie Jean says. “I wasn’t intimidated, and I’ve been enjoying every week.” She also found the results she was looking for—increased mobility and strength for her daily life. “I’m active and I don’t worry about falling,” she says.  Billie Jean needs to be both strong and mobile to keep up with the daily demands of her busy routine. She rises every day at 4:30 am and typically walks 2 miles around her neighborhood. Then she comes home, drinks a protein shake, and prepares for her great-nieces to come over. She watches her great-nieces, ages 2,3,5 and 7 during the summer, and the 2 and 3 year olds throughout the year. “(After starting at PFP) I’m more limber,” Billie Jean says. “I have more strength for picking up those kids. Picking up a kettle bell is nothing compared to picking up a toddler!”

Billie Jean maintains a healthy lifestyle and, along with her daughters, has always been conscious of having a healthy diet. “I watch (my daughters),” she says. “And I get a lot of recipes from the PFP website.” But for Billie Jean, weight loss is not necessarily her main goal. She’d like to maintain her current weight, while still staying active and remaining independent.

PFP trainers have helped her with this. “They are always so kind,” Billie Jean says. “They don’t make me feel like I’m out of place here.” Her fellow clients also help her to feel included. “(Other gym goers) don’t look at me like I shouldn’t be here. We all help each other out.”

For Billie Jean, it’s this personal connection that makes Pursuit Fitness a special place. “I’ve seen other gyms on TV,” she says. “It’s just rows and rows of equipment and people. I wouldn’t want to do that. I’d be too embarrassed. But I don’t feel like that at Pursuit. I feel welcome. It doesn’t matter how old I am.” She enjoys the small, personal aspect of the gym, and the fact that trainers have tweaked programs to suit her needs. “If there’s something I can’t do they work it out so that I can do an exercise a certain way and it doesn’t hurt or anything,” she says.

As Billie Jean moves through her retirement years, she plans to remain active, sticking to her Saturday sessions at Pursuit—a highlight of her week. Each Saturday morning, Pursuit trainers ask their members what special thing they are doing that weekend. “For me,” Billie Jean says. “Pursuit Fitness is my special thing. It’s a social thing, as well as a workout, and I really enjoy it. My special thing is always coming to Pursuit Fitness.”

And here’s a peek into the support they give one another in our private Members-Only Facebook Group:

Don’t miss out on this one-time opportunity to try us out for 28-days.

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